Winter Trial 2020 days 5 and 6

What a couple of days! A long Thursday and into the night was very tough, hard navigation and variable conditions. The snow never came but intermittent ice kept everyone on their toes. Fridays sting in the tail was a hard regularity in interesting maps!

Anyhow here are a load of pictures that hopefully capture the atmosphere;

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Winter Trial 2020 day 4

Another dryish day with ice on the high passes. It’s been busy with 6 regs and one big test but hugely enjoyable.

Snow is predicted for tomorrow night, 10cms and still falling,?yhat should make it interesting!

Not many photos today;

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Winter Trial day 3

A mostly ice free day today. Good regularity times, in the top 12! and a fun complicated test.

We had lunch at the ┼ákoda factory museum and there were a lot of cool cars I’d never seen before.

Photos below

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Winter Trial 2020 day 2 and evening section

Another great day on the road. Great roads and interesting conditions; fog, ice, and some dry bits too.

A respectable performance with only one minor navigation error made the day fun.

Here are some photos;

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Winter Trial 2020 day 1

Great to be back in the Volvo, its like my second winter home!

A good first two regularities dropping only 5 seconds until it got icy; dropped a couple of minutes… Two tests today, it’s best to be accurate than fast as it’s a crippling 10 minutes penalty for going wrong…some did!

Here are a few photos I took today:

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Winter Trial 2020. Prep day

We arrived from Zurich last night in the trusty Volvo after an eight hour drive and were treated to a great night out with an old friend of Herman’s who is now resident here. Great food and bars if you know where is best!

Scruitineering today and paperwork handouts to check and plot…plus a new limited edition 20th Anniversary Winter Trial watch.

Dinner and start party tonight and the first car starts at 08:30 Tomorrow.

I think we are now ready to go.

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Rally of the Tests 2019

Here we go again.. sunny Torquay is our starting point and we Finish on Sunday in Chester.

The evening prologue that determines the seeding for tomorrow starts in a couple of hours and all the maps are plotted and I’m ready to go.

This year I’m competing with my old friend Michael Kunz In his stealthy Volvo 240. We did LeJog in this unlikely rally car a couple of years ago and it’s got a lot of good Points; warm, comfortable, quiet, strong and fast enough, however, it’s quite big and not very agile on the tests.

This should be a lot of fun.

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