Classic Marathon day 7

With only 35 seconds in the lead over the MGA we weren’t sure we would hold onto the class win today but some good fortune, the GaugePilot and an error from┬áthe other crew we kept the victory and came joint 20th overall.

It’s been a fantastic event with some outstanding scenery and quiet roads with a clever and demanding route. Grip marks to the organisers. Although very hot the car performed perfectly and was reasonably cool inside with all the windows open.

Thanks to Michael for another opportunity to rally with him. It’s always fun and a privilege to come on adventures like this.

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Classic Marathon day 6

A very tough day for us. Only one mistake on the correct route in a field cost us a minute in penalties but an extremely tricky forest section cost a further two minutes. Nothing could be done, the car won’t go faster! We retain first in class but only by 30 seconds or so to a very nimble MGA. Hopefully good fortune will shine on us tomorrow……

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Classic Marathon day 5

Another day of mixed fortunes. A good morning but poor afternoon due to the steep climbs and a navigational error costing a full minute of penalty.

Great varied scenery and heat with an amazing lunch stop at a hotel overlooking a beautiful deserted bay, a bit like Cornwall during a heatwave.

Still holding on to our class lead and 18th overall position.

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Classic Marathon day 4

Not the best day on the timings but some fantastic roads and sights. Luckily we retain our class lead and I need the concentrate tomorrow to retain it.

It’s still very hot, high 30deg C and even in the mountains you need to stay in the shade. No tortoises but a very bright green lizard crossed our path at speed, unlike the heard of sheep mid Regularity section who were in no hurry.

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Classic marathon day 3

Another scorching day, 36degC has been reported but the car is coping well. No tortoises spotted so its even too hot for them.

More fantastic scenery and some very challenging driving with devious navigation. Some of the gravel sections I thought were a bit rough for the lower sports cars.

We picked up a couple of places and extended our class lead, so overall not a bad day but could do better….

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Day2 classic Marathon Greece.

The fine weather has returned. Hot all day and some scenery I didn’t expect in Greece.

Very mountainous and lush in places. I hadn’t associated skiing with Greece but we had lunch just below the tree line and scaled the mountain that was about 1600M at the col.

Our driving performance was a bit ‘curates’ egg’ – good in parts. Mostly good but two mistakes cost two minutes. However, we still lead the class and it’s a very long way to go.

Amazingly along with the usual road debris of rocks, stick and gravel we saw three tortoises. If I get the chance I’ll stop and photograph one.. they are apparently indigenous to these parts and pretty big.

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Classic Marathon. Greece

A long way to the start meant an early rise to get to Heathrow at 06.00. The bonus of this is that its put my body clock on Greek time.

Michael had already collected the car and all we had to do was fit the GaugePilot and calibrate against the organisers measured distance.

It was a long time since I had last eaten so seafood Linguine and a glass of white on the Mediterranean shore were in order! Excellent.

Departing Athens was straightforward to arrive at the official start at Marathon (appropriately). Into the first test within 4km we didn’t excel but seem to have got away with not too much penalty. The morning went well enough in the blistering heat and lunch at a winery was welcome.

Then it rained..poured down! The guys in the open cars stopped complaining about sunburn and went on to waterproofs and wringing out hats.

The afternoons regularities went as well as could be hoped, our penalties went in relationship with the cars hill climbing performance. Oh for another 50hp!

Still at the end and of the day we are 11th Overall and leading the class….early days though!

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