RAC Rally of the Tests Report 3.

Friday is our first full day and what a day it was. 16hrs in the car, umpteen regularities, Tests and a blitz round Catterick Garrison.

Some of our performance was good and some not that great….. culminating with a broken wheel, tyre and suspension linkage at the start of the night section.

We had to nurse it to the hotel and that will cost us some time penalties.

Fortunately the ever patient sweep crews quickly dealt with the suspension in the dark hotel car park this evening by welding it back together so hopefully it should last the event out!

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RAC RALLY OF THE TESTS. Report 2. Prologue.

After a long day plotting, waiting, plotting and doing some GaugePilot tuition and wiring. At last we started the prologue as night was falling. I never like this ‘warm up’ to the event but it’s a necessary evil to seed the starting order. Unfortunately due to a navigational error and half the headlamps not working on the Fiat we start at car 59 tomorrow. Somewhat inauspicious.

GaugePilot in the ‘works’ Mini Cooper

My time card, in case you wondered how the results are calculated.

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RAC Rally of the Tests 2017 report 1

A nice relaxed day driving to Chester for the start of this years ROTT. Probably the most challenging on the Hero calendar.

The early arrival made scruitineering a breeze and after a quick consultation over a map or two we had time for a ‘Gentlemans’ Gin’

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1000 Mile Trial final day

Slightly frustrating as there was a lot of traffic on the regularities of the morning but in the end it was pretty much the same for everyone.

We finished in style at the RAC club at Woodcote park at the final test. The Results were finalised and we were 13th Overall and 1st in Class. Gerd says next year we bring a faster car! Watch this space….

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1000 Mile Trial day 4

Another great day but a bit frustrating as there is so much more traffic in the south causing road delays on regularity sections. Mostly tractors delivering harvested hay.

How very a minimum of penalties were issued and we are currently in a strong  13th overall with the class lead. Sensible running should maintain this in ‘home turf’ tomorrow for the finish.

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1000 Mile Trial day 3

As i’m often told it’s always sunny in Wales, and it was. Great driving roads and scenery. A superb day with an improved result. We start tomorrow 1st in class and 14th overall. We still have not  played  our penalty joker with only only three others so this may be a bit of a safety net later…

Here are some pictures from the very sunny Welsh lanes.

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1000 Mile Trial day 2

A wet start we pre-empted by raising the roof yesterday. The day has been good with no regularity penalty worse than 5 seconds at any control. A few other misdemeanours though. 

There wasn’t much chance to take any good photos today but I’ve nicked a couple from Mike Dabell who came with Richard Sherwood to Chatsworth to greet us into the lunch halt. Thanks for coming chaps!

TC2.1 raining.

Chatsworth Lunck halt

Tissington Ford by Mike Dabell

Following an SS Jaguar

My view from the office window

The Office, including GaugePilot. And repeat display for the driver.

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