Classic Marathon. Greece

A long way to the start meant an early rise to get to Heathrow at 06.00. The bonus of this is that its put my body clock on Greek time.

Michael had already collected the car and all we had to do was fit the GaugePilot and calibrate against the organisers measured distance.

It was a long time since I had last eaten so seafood Linguine and a glass of white on the Mediterranean shore were in order! Excellent.

Departing Athens was straightforward to arrive at the official start at Marathon (appropriately). Into the first test within 4km we didn’t excel but seem to have got away with not too much penalty. The morning went well enough in the blistering heat and lunch at a winery was welcome.

Then it rained..poured down! The guys in the open cars stopped complaining about sunburn and went on to waterproofs and wringing out hats.

The afternoons regularities went as well as could be hoped, our penalties went in relationship with the cars hill climbing performance. Oh for another 50hp!

Still at the end and of the day we are 11th Overall and leading the class….early days though!

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Winter Trial Legs 2&3

After yesterday’s drama it could only get better. The repaired car is ugly but mechanically undamaged.

The first of the ‘long days’ with a night section was before us and the day was dry with varied scenery and some fun regularities and four tests, all went pretty well.

Into the night the altitude increased and the temperatures fell. At one point I saw -10C on the gauge. Four more regularities interdispersed with a three course dinner at 3 time controls on the ice were challenging and the chains were on and off several times.

We finished back at the hotel just after midnight for a well earned beer or two.

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Winter Trial. A difficult first Regularity.

RSM1.1 was the first competitive test for us and all went well for 1.75km.

Unfortunately we met an elderly local driver on a slippery hairpin and suffered quite a pit of damage. Nobody was hurt and the police attended but were not interested in apportioning blame so left swiftly having shaken everyone’s hands.

A little photo story follows;

The initial damage.

With the help of a tree and a towing strap the wheel was released and the wing became a better shape.

Good as new…..!

At the night stop Job and his team of mechanics cut the damage off and made the best they could of the mangled metal

Spotlight robbed to replace the smashed headlamp, indicator strapped on and cibie lens taped back in complete the repair.

We are dead last having lost loads of time but tomorrow is another day…..

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Winter Trial Munich Start.

A few pictures from the start and the first TIme Control in Austria.

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Winter Trial Scruitineering

A good reunion last night and ample breakfast has seen a relaxed day with scruitineering and fitting of the GPS ‘Rally Safe’ equipment. A device that’s supposed to show you information about cars catching you or cars you may be catching or blocking the road on competitive sections.

I fitted the latest version of GaugePilot to Herman’s car yesterday with drivers auxiliary display. We are hoping this should make some of the navigation more relaxed as he can see time and distance too.

The Office!

Drivers display installed.

The afternoon has been spent potting maps and generally organising paperwork.

I think I’m ready now……

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Winter Trial 2018

This years Winter Trial starts in Munich and passes through Austria, Czech and Slovenia to finish near Salzburg. We have now arrived at the Start and the cars and crews from all over Europe are enthusiastically gathering in the bar.

It looks like a lot of Volvos are on the event.

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RAC Rally of the Tests 2017. Finale.

The last day was as tough as the rest with great tests around army land and private estate grounds. Fun tests, and tricky navigation kept us on our toes.

We finished 25th and 3rd in class in the pre ’62 category. Not as well as we would have hoped but, given the spectacularly tricky event, satisfactory.

Talk of improved lighting and navigational improvement on the way home leads us to look forward to 2018!

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