Photos from London – Lisbon

Now we are in Portugal WiFi has returned. We’ve had a great time with mostly success but made a couple of critical errors losing our first in class position to Drexel and Pat Gillespie’s Volvo. We are working hard to rectify that!

Yesterday we had four seasons in one day including heavy snow at lunchtime. Still the indoor barbecue warmed us up.

It’s mostly a picture blog from the last three days but I hope to catch up with a report from tomorrow’s competition.

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London-Lisbon days 3 & 4

From Poitiers through to northern Spain has been fantastic. Great roads with almost no traffic and good competition.
We are doing pretty well with very few mistakes but up in the mountains we just don’t have enough pace to make some of the climbs without penalty, the descents are difficult also with some brake fade!

Currently we are 16th overall and first in class but hopefully the flatter terrain will be to our advantage for the rest of the week. Only 5 more days to go!

I’ve met some old friends along the way who turned out to support us and that was great to see them. 

We are now in the most luxurious monestry you are likely to see and the Gin is generously served!
No pictures today due to a very slow internet connection so I’ll load them asap.

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London to Lisbon the first 2 days…

For what was expected to be a relaxed rally London to Lisbon has been, so far, quite intense.

The Start from Brooklands immediately sent us south to roads I know well with the first Regularity ending within 500m of my workshop and then on to William Medcalf’s Vintage Bentley Buisness. West from there to Wilton near Salisbury for lunch and the first test before returning via the New Forest and two more regularities to Portsmouth for the overnight crossing to St Malo. A great days rallying all round.

Jane took some great pictures from the start and can be seen here;

An early start off the boat set us off on a 400km cross country trip to Poitiers. Several regs and one kart test kept us busy and so far all is going well with the minimum of penalties leaving us in 16th place (having briefly shared the lead in England) it’s a very long way to go…..

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London-Lisbon 2017

A couple of pictures from Scrutineering. The A35 is being navigated by Phil Thompsett who I met by chance a couple of weeks ago playing golf!

The Fiat 2300 Abarth Coupe in Park Ferme. GaugePilot installed and calibrated, I think we are ready to go!

Time control at William Medcalf’s Vintage Bentley Workshop on the old A3 near Liss  tomorrow from 11.00 if anyone local fancies seeing all the cars.

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Winter Trial report 4

A really tough last couple of days with hardly time to stop and relax.

Yesterday went pretty well with just a couple of minor errors and the night loop was amazing. A combination of dry, snowy and ice covered roads saw a lot of damage but, as we always plan, the steady approach was the best thing to do.

We finished the night as one of only six cars to complete the route within the lateness allowance. This needed spot on navigation and sensible driving. This, I think, leaves us in 6th position overall and second in class. A great (unofficial) result.

The finish in St Wolfgang is always special and a walk on the frozen lake was really something not to be missed.

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Winter Trial report 3

Another very hectic two days and a night section. It’s been steady progress and as of Wednesday morning we were 14th. It’s still a long way to go and a lot can happen.

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Winter Trial 2017 report #2

Today has been less hectic but colder than yesterday, down to -18C at one point in the freezing mist!

Spectacular scenery and a great drive this morning and a more complicated afternoon with ice covered roads and an errant competitor blocking the road and costing us 5 minutes in penalties.

Tomorrow will be longer with a night navigation section before arriving at our hotel.

The office.

External temperature gauge.

Hotel Pupp. Very smart!

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