Winter Trial legs 2,3 and 4

It’s been very busy! A long day section starting in Ljubljana and a difficult night section returning to Ljubljana again.

Snow was prevalent above 600m and made the roads interesting. New continental tyres seem grippy and no need for chains as yet.

Today brought us out of Slovenia and back to Leoben in Austria. More snow and ice plus a lot of drama for some teams.

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Winter Trial. Day 1.

An easyish opening day with 3 regularities and two tests. The first test being on the Altenmarkt ice circuit.

A steady and conservative day by ourselves see us starting 17th overall and 3rd in class. The roads are almost snow free here in Ljubljana but let’s see what it looks like tomorrow for the first of two night sections.


The starting list for tomorrow was based on the results at lunchtime.

We are in fact 10th overall going into day 2.

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Winter Trial, getting to the start, scruitineering etc..

A leisurely 5 hour drive from Zurich brought us to the German/Austrian border recently famous for the huge snow fall a couple of weeks ago and historically the Eagles Nest; Hitlers mountain headquarters. Some impressive scenery along the route but most of the snow on the roads has been cleared away.

Scruitineering and the paperwork passed without issue and a welcome dinner and brauhaus beer has set us up for the start tomorrow.

Ljubljana is our destination tomorrow evening.

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Winter Trial 2018 prep..

Route plotted, well, in draft form, I’ll go over it again to detail some awkward stuff.

An interesting route leaving Berchtesgaden for the Ice Racing track at Altenmarkt on the way to Ljubljana for two nights and one night loop. Then to Leoben in Austria for the next Evening. Two nights in Linz, Austria and another night section in southern Czech before the finish in Salzburg. 8 legs of snow and ice!

It’s going to be fun and perhaps very challenging conditions considering the amount of snow that’s fallen in this area over the last fortnight.. can’t wait!

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ROTT 2018

On our way to scruitineering of the 2018 Rally of the Tests in Harrogate.

It’s Grim opp North!

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Classic Marathon day 7

With only 35 seconds in the lead over the MGA we weren’t sure we would hold onto the class win today but some good fortune, the GaugePilot and an error from┬áthe other crew we kept the victory and came joint 20th overall.

It’s been a fantastic event with some outstanding scenery and quiet roads with a clever and demanding route. Grip marks to the organisers. Although very hot the car performed perfectly and was reasonably cool inside with all the windows open.

Thanks to Michael for another opportunity to rally with him. It’s always fun and a privilege to come on adventures like this.

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Classic Marathon day 6

A very tough day for us. Only one mistake on the correct route in a field cost us a minute in penalties but an extremely tricky forest section cost a further two minutes. Nothing could be done, the car won’t go faster! We retain first in class but only by 30 seconds or so to a very nimble MGA. Hopefully good fortune will shine on us tomorrow……

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