London-Lisbon day 8

Another fantastic day on some of Europe’s best and deserted roads. The weather has been sunny and the scenery outstanding.

The rallying went particularly well with very few penalties. We had film cameraman Gary’s go-pro in the car for one section and thankfully we were almost perfect where many others got lost!

The final steep and windy section was a triumph. Very brisk driving saw only 4 seconds lost over very tough terrain.

Still 12th OA and third in class but the gaps are closer…..

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London-Lisbon day 7

A shorter and easier day in the hills south of the Pyrenees in Spain. All went well with very few penalties. A great tasting menu dinner in the hotel this evening with Michael, Andrew and Mel.

We are currently 12th OA and 3rd in class.

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London-Lisbon day 6

Another wonderful sunny day in the southern Pyrenees with ever more stunning scenery and quiet roads. We made a minimum of errors and came up a place to 12th OA but still 3rd in class

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London-Lisbon day 5

Another fabulous day. We ran in seeded order, this normally means it’s competitive/difficult, it was! Happily we made few errors and no ‘shopping’ was done.

The roads were quiet except for the odd agricultural vehicle and farm animals. Some people saw more of the above than we did!

Epic scenery over tiny mountain passes added to the fun.

We gained a couple of places, up to 13th but still 3rd in class, but it’s close.

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London-Lisbon day 4

A much longer and busier day today the went pretty well after a couple of dramas.

The longest regularity so far was scheduled for an hour with 7 timing points. Towards the start we inadvertently visited a farm, although very nice it wasn’t the correct route and we found the right way about a minute later. Fortunately the next timing point was not close do with some fleet driving and accurate navigation we caught up the time and managed a zero penalty!

Today was one of the best rallying I’ve done in recent events. We are now 15th OA and 3rd in class.

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London Lisbon day 3

Another great day on the road with 6 regularities and a driving test on a kart track.

The car has had some suspension improvements that have transformed the handling and the test was quick, well, for a big car against nimble sports cars.

We had a day with minimal penalties up until the afternoon coffee stop when the penultimate regularity went wrong when I misinterpreted an instruction and we wrong slotted into a car park, this cost us 1 minute at the second control. The last regularity was a bit scruffy too. We are now 16th overall and 3rd in class.

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London-Lisbon day2

A tricky day, it started with a brake problem where the fluid was leaking into the servo and causing a very long pedal. This happened overnight on the boat but the sweep team managed to loop out the servo and we were back on the road without any time loss. This unfortunately put us on the back foot and we made a bit of a mess of the first two regularities but recovered after lunch at the marvellous Lohéac Motor Museum.

The afternoon went well with only a few seconds lost. We are now 14th overall and second in class. 11 seconds cover 1st to 3rd in our class!

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