RAC Rally of the Tests Report 3.

Friday is our first full day and what a day it was. 16hrs in the car, umpteen regularities, Tests and a blitz round Catterick Garrison.

Some of our performance was good and some not that great….. culminating with a broken wheel, tyre and suspension linkage at the start of the night section.

We had to nurse it to the hotel and that will cost us some time penalties.

Fortunately the ever patient sweep crews quickly dealt with the suspension in the dark hotel car park this evening by welding it back together so hopefully it should last the event out!


About James Ewing

Cars are my passion in my business and private life. I run James Ewing Limited - International Brokers of Collectors Cars and I also have a successful restoration business. I navigate on classic rallies in the UK and europe and in my time have competed in many types of motorsport. At home we have an interesting collection of micro/mini cars, a 1958 Renault 4cv, 1962 Fiat 600d Multipla and a 1967 Subaru 360. All in all I spend most of my time 'dickingaroundwitholdcars'
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