P-P day 6

First out and last to finish!

Our control was the first after lunch, not that we had time for any, and as we arrived the heavens opened, thunder and lightning and bouncing rain with some hail!!!

After a while the cars came through and Andrew did the wet clock bit while I did the paperwork under the umbrella, a farmer warned us not to use it in the storm but as we were close to a metal streetlight I considered it to be safe!

Another three hours driving later over passes and valleys brought us to the finish and we were immediately whisked off 

in mini busses for a really good dinner high up the mountainside.

It’s been a long day and another 06.00 start tomorrow heading for St Moritz.

Sign of the day is a mystery, any ideas?


About James Ewing

Cars are my passion in my business and private life. I run James Ewing Limited - International Brokers of Collectors Cars and I also have a successful restoration business. I navigate on classic rallies in the UK and europe and in my time have competed in many types of motorsport. At home we have an interesting collection of micro/mini cars, a 1958 Renault 4cv, 1962 Fiat 600d Multipla and a 1967 Subaru 360. All in all I spend most of my time 'dickingaroundwitholdcars'
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2 Responses to P-P day 6

  1. Mark Jones says:

    ‘No Road Markings’ or ‘Road marking in progress’?

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