The Amazing Dymaxion Car

Norman Fosters Dymaxion Car Recreation

I saw the Dymaxion Car that Norman Foster had brilliantly made at Salon Prive recently and have become somewhat obsessed by the design, looking for clips on YouTube and info on the web. Old friend Jeff Lane is also building an influenced recreation in the USA at his Museum.

The still futuristic looks and amazing engineering are inspiring, although frankly bonkers!

Here is a link to a Youtube clip. Just look at the car turning round the Policeman like a well trained dog at Crufts. and as for the parallel parking, just outstanding.

If anyone would like to commission a smaller “sports” Dymaxion just contact me, I have loads of ideas!


About James Ewing

Cars are my passion in my business and private life. I run James Ewing Limited - International Brokers of Collectors Cars and I also have a successful restoration business. I navigate on classic rallies in the UK and europe and in my time have competed in many types of motorsport. At home we have an interesting collection of micro/mini cars, a 1958 Renault 4cv, 1962 Fiat 600d Multipla and a 1967 Subaru 360. All in all I spend most of my time 'dickingaroundwitholdcars'
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